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Nantou Management Office

Nantou Management Office



Future outlook

The main tasks of this office are the establishment and management of irrigation projects, based on agricultural impacts, the conversion of farming methods after accession to the World Trade Organization, as well as the updating and management of irrigation facilities.

 Conducting systematic planning and reviews in line with agricultural policies, social need and the conversion of cropping methods

Cooperating with the conversion of paddy fields into horticulture, organic vegetables, net chamber cultivation etc. to save irrigation water, reduce management manpower, improve agricultural operational efficiency, reduce production costs, and increase farmers' income.

In order to improve its operations, the office cooperates with the government to promote irrigation construction and realize the ideal of prosperous rural development based on the "sustainable management of irrigation operations" and the planned and forward-looking principles of "production, ecology and life." In the future, we will pursue the following:

  1. Cooperate with the government's streamlined personnel policy to achieve "cost savings"
  2. Train talented individuals so irrigation technology can be passed down from generation to generation and spread sustainably
  3. In serving farmers the focus of our work is "quality first," "service first" and "efficiency first."
Last Updated:2023/11/02